Friday, March 12, 2010

Wilton, ND

That's me. Hello. The sun is finally shining this afternoon. I can't ever remember it being this long with no sunshine. I think it's been over three weeks. It's getting depressing. Overall, this has been a really gray winter.


Chair in the snow. Not sure why it's there.

Fire hydrants buried in the snow. They need a flag to find them. You can see that we still have plenty of snow. It will be a while before spring arrives here.


  1. i really like that chair in the snow shot.

    we also have finally been able to see the sun...finally!

  2. I hope you see Spring soon, but who knows. A local blog I follow says that according to your state legislature, any connection the climate in South Dakota may have with the rest of the world is largely speculative. Some Definitions and News From South Dakota
    Good luck with that :-)